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Deck Head. Underside of a deck. Deck Hook

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Deck Head. Underside of a deck.

Deck Hook. Thwartship frame across apron, to strengthen bow

and support fore end of deck.

Deck Light 109 Deep Sea Lead

Deck Light. Strong glass bull's eye fitted in a deck to light a comĀ­partment below. 2. A permanent light fitted on a deck.

Deck Line. Horizontal mark, cut in plating of side and painted in a distinct colour, that indicates position of freeboard deck.

Deck Load. Deck cargo.

Deck Log. Log book kept by officer of watch and entered with events, changes of course, weather, log readings, work done and other items occurring during the watch. In harbour, is kept by duty officer.

Deck Nail. Large nail, of diamond section, used for securing deck plank to beam of a wooden ship.

Deck Officer. In general, an officer whose duties are connected with the deck department. Sometimes applied to the duty officer of 1 he deck or watch.

Deck Passage. Voyage of a passenger for whom no accommodation is available. Confined to short voyages and trades, such as the carrying of pilgrims.

Deck Pipe. Navel pipe, through which chain cable passes to chain locker.

Deck Sheet. Studdingsail sheet that leads directly from sail to deck.

Deck Stopper. Formerly, length of very strong rope to which cable could be lashed; one end of a stopper being secured to deck. Name is sometimes given to any fitting on deck for holding cable for a short time.

Deck Transom.* Formerly, a horizontal timber under counter of a ship.

Deck Watch. Watch that is used for timing sights taken on deck. Is compared with chronometer before and after sights are taken, so avoiding disturbance of chronometer.

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