Nautical words

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Aldis Signal Lamp. Electric flashing lamp for signalling. Beam is focussed on receiver, and cannot easily be seen by anyone on whom it is not trained or directed. Range exceeds 20 miles.

A-Lee. Towards, or on, that side of a ship that is further from the wind.

Aleutian Current. Ocean current setting S'ly through Aleutian Islands until it meets Alaskan Current, some of which it deflects into the North Pacific Drift.

Aleutian Lows. Meteorological depressions that frequently form over the Aleutian Islands.

Algae. Flowerless aquatic vegetation usually known as seaweed.

Algebar. Name sometimes given to constellation Orion, usually by poets. Means 'The strong and valiant one'.

Algeiba. Star  Leonis. S.H.A. 206°; Dec. N 20°; Mag. 2-3.

Algenib. Star  Pegasi. S.H.A. 357°; Dec. N 15°; Mag. 2-9.

Algol. Star  Persei and, also  Medusae. Is a binary star, one dark and one light, and varies between 3rd and 5th magnitudes in less than 3 days. S.H.A. 314°; Dec. N 41°. Name is Arabic for 'ghoul' or 'demon'. Was probably looked upon as the winking eye of a monster.

Alhena 11 Alow

Alhena. Star  Geminorum. S.H.A. 261°; Dec. N 16°; Mag. 1-9.

Alidade. Pivoted sight bar that moves over a graduated arc.

Alioth. Star  Ursae Majoris. S.H.A. 167°; Dec. N 56°; Mag. 1-7.

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