Nautical words

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Cuttle, Captain. Generous, simple and delightful shipmaster in Dickens' 'Dombey and Son.' His motto was, 'When found, make a note of.'

Cutwater. Forward edge of stem.

Cycle. Period in which a series of events will occur, after which they will repeat themselves.

Cyclone. Rotary storm in tropical latitudes. An area of low barometric pressure, though these are usually called in temperate latitudes 'Depressions' or 'Lows'.

Cyclonic Rain. Rainfall associated with cyclones. Caused by elevation of an air mass that moves over a denser air mass of different temperature.

Cyclostrophic. Name applied to that component which causes a gradient wind to move outwards from its axis of rotation due to curvature of path.

Cygnus. (Swan.) Constellation between Lyra and Pegasus. PrinĀ­cipal star is Deneb. Cylinder. Of engine, is a tubular chamber in which piston moves reciprocally.

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