Nautical words

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Customs Debenture. Authorisation for return of money paid as duty when goods on which duty was paid are re-exported.

Customs Declaration. Report, signed by a sender, giving description of parcels exported from United Kingdom.

Customs Entry. Written declaration—by exporter, importer or shipper—of nature, value and weight of goods exported or imported.

Cusf’s Station Pointer. Rectangular sheet of transparent xylonite with edges graduated in degrees and half degrees. Observed angles are drawn, in pencil, on under side.

Cut a Feather. Said, in 16th century, of a vessel when she foamed through the water with a breaking wave at the stem.

Cut and Run. To cut hemp cable and run from an anchorage.

Cut (a Sail). To loose gaskets and let sail fall.

Cutlass. Short, heavy sword used in hand-to-hand fighting at sea.

Cut Splice 105 Cynosure

Cut Splice. Made by splicing one rope to another at a little distance from end of each, so leaving a small length where ropes lie side by side.

Cutter. Sailing vessel with one mast, bowsprit and fore and aft sails. Carries mainsail, fore staysail and jib. 2. Twelve oared rowing and sailing boat of R.N. 3. Revenue vessel, generally steam-propelled, that superseded previous revenue cutters. 4. Boat that follows racing boats, carrying trainers and coaches.

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