Nautical words

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Cumulostratus. 'Stratocumulus' cloud.

Cumulus. Dense cloud form with firm, rounded edges and horizonĀ­tal base. Only moderate elevation.

Cunningham Patent Topsail. Topsail fitted to a yard that could roll up the sail to a close reef.

Cupola Ship 104 Cutlass

Cupola Ship. Early type of turret warship. Characteristic features were very small freeboard and heavy gun mounted in turret. American 'Monitor' was first one built, but idea was introduced by Captain Cooper Coles, R.N., some years before.

Curragh. Wooden-framed boat with skin or canvas covering.

Current. Horizontal movement of a stream of water through ocean or sea. Primarily due to wind action, but also to differences in specific gravities of water. Direction is more or less constant, but deviations occur. Seasonal variations are usual. Due to Earth's rotation, currents trend away from path of generating wind; to right in N. hemisphere, to left in S. 2. Flow of negatively-charged electrons along a conductor, due to difference of potential.

Current Chart. Chart in which direction and extent of ocean currents are delineated, and approximate rates noted, for information of navigators.

Current Log. Instrument for measuring rate of a current.

Current Meter. Instrument for measuring rate and direction of a current of water.

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