Nautical words

Cu. Abbreviation for 'Cumulus'. Cuckold's Knot (Neck)

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Cu. Abbreviation for 'Cumulus'.

Cuckold's Knot (Neck). Used for securing ropes to a spar. SomeĀ­thing like clove hitch but both ends come out in same direction.

Cuddy. Cabin in fore part of a boat or small craft.

Culage. Laying up of a vessel, in dock, for repairs.

Culmination. Coming to the meridian. Point at which altitude of a heavenly body has its greatest or least altitude; the former being the upper culmination, the latter the lower culmination.

Culverin.* Sixteenth century cannon. From 10 to 12 ft. long and 5j-in. calibre. Threw 18-lb. shot about two miles. Name means 'Serpent'.

Cumulonimbus. Heavy mass of cloud rising to considerable height. Sometimes anvil-shaped at top. Associated with rain, hail, lightning and thunder.

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