Nautical words

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Cross Spale, Cross Spall. Cross pawl.

Cross Staff. Olden navigating instrument. Consisted of a long batten with graduated surface. Along the batten were three sliding transoms of different length. An observed celestial body

was 'touched' by one of the transoms, and the position of the transom in the graduations indicated the natural co-tangent of the half arc.

Cross Timber. Floor timber, of a frame, with its middle on the keel.

Cross Tired. Having tire plates, extending from mast to ship's sides, on underside of deck; so preventing mast wedges distort­ing deck planking.

Cross Trees. Thwartship timbers, on a mast, to increase spread of shrouds and form support for tops.

Cross Wind. Wind blowing across course of a vessel, or across direction of sea.

Cross Wires. Wires or etched lines, at right angles, in object glass of an astronomical telescope or sighting telescope.

Crotch. Shaped timber resting on keel in forward and after ends of a wooden vessel. 2. Forked post for supporting a boom or horizontal spar.

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