Nautical words

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Crossing the Line. Crossing the Equator.

Cross Jack. Pronounced 'Crojjik'. Lower yard on a mizen mast. Name is sometimes given to yard in which square sail of a cutter is bent.

Cross Pawl. Temporary horizontal timber holding frames of a wooden vessel in position during building.

Cross Piece. Bar of timber connecting heads of bitts. 2. Bar athwart knight heads, and carrying pins for belaying ropes. 3. Flooring piece resting on keel between half floors.

Cross Pointing. Name sometimes given to 'Coach Whipping'.

Cross Sea. Confused sea caused by two seas that run in different directions.

Cross Seizing. Round seizing that is finished off by dipping the end between upper and lower turns and expending it around standing part of a shroud.

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1   ...   264   265   266   267   268   269   270   271   ...   963

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