Nautical words

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Cross Channel Packet. Vessel carrying mails between southern England and coast of France.

Cross Chocks. Filling pieces put at foot of timbers at ends of wood-built ship.

Cross Curves. Diagrammatic curves, based on displacement and righting moment, that indicate stability at any displacement.

Crossed Observations. Sights taken with Borda's repeating reflect­ing circle: first observations being taken with instrument in direct position, second observation with instrument reversed. This eliminates index error if mean is taken.

Cross Grip. Steel clamp for gripping two crossing wires or hawsers.

Crosshead. Lower, or outer, end of a piston rod. Carries the guide shoes and top end pin of connecting rod.
Crossing 102 Crown Knot

Crossing. Applied to a vessel that is on such a course that she will pass ahead of another vessel. Sometimes limited to a vessel that is entitled to cross ahead of another.

Crossing Rules. Those articles of the 'Collision Regulations' that refer to crossing vessels.

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