Nautical words

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Critical Pressure. Of steam, is that pressure (3200 Ib. per sq. in.) at which it has no latent heat and its density is that of water.

Critical Speed. Of turbine, is that rate of revolution that is almost similar to vibration rate of turbine shaft.

Critical Temperature. Maximum temperature at which a given gas can be liquefied by pressure. CO2 is 88°F; Ammonia 256°F.

Cro'jack, Cro'jick. Abbreviations of 'Crossjack'.

Cromster. Old name for 'Hoy'.

Cross (in Cable). Exists when cables of a ship moored with two anchors lead on bow opposite to that of their respective hawse hole. Will occur when ship swings through 180° after anchoring.

Cross Bar.* Round iron bar bent to Z shape and used for turning shank of anchor when stowing.

Cross Beam. Heavy piece of timber fitted athwart a pair of wooden riding bitts.

Cross Bearings. Bearings of two or more charted objects that are taken simultaneously and laid off on chart to fix ship's position.

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