Nautical words

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Cranse Iron. 'Crance Iron.'

Grayer. Three-masted, square-rigged merchant vessel of Tudor times.

Creek. Inlet on sea coast. Short arm of a river. 2. Seaside town that is not of sufficient importance to be a Customs station.

Creep. To search for a sunken object by towing a grapnel along bottom. 2. Gradual and steady deformation of a metal fitting when under stress.

Creeper. 'Grapnel.'

Crepuscular Rays. Coloured rays radiating from the Sun when it is below visible horizon but above crepusculum. Results in alternate dark and light rays being visible across sky. Caused by light being broken up by clouds or intervening mountains.

Crepusculum. Twilight circle. Small circle parallel to horizon and about 18° below it.

Crescent. Moon's shape from new moon until first quarter.

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