Nautical words

Cowner.* Old corruption of ship's 'counter'. Coxcomb

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Cowner.* Old corruption of ship's 'counter'.

Coxcomb. 'Cockscomb.'

Coxswain. Person who steers a boat and is in charge of crew.

Crab. Winch whose axis lies in a fore and aft line. Originally a portable hand winch used in sailing ships for hauling on topsail halyards, fore and main sheets, and for working cargo.

Crachin. Northerly wind bringing drizzle and mist, occurring between January and April in the China Sea.

Crackerhash. 'Crackerjack.'

Crackerjack. Hash made of preserved meat, broken biscuit and any other available ingredient.

Crack On. To carry sail to full limit of strength of masts, yards and tackles.

Cradle. Framework of iron or wood, resting on launching ways, that supports a ship under construction for about three-quarters of her length. Slides down the ways when ship is launched. 2. Padded box in which horses, etc, are hoisted aboard. 3. Railed stage used for painting ship's side, or for repairs, when ship is in dry dock.

Craft. Vessel or vessels of practically any size or type.

Cran. Fish measure equivalent to 37 ½ gallons, or 420 Ib. of herrings.

Cranage. Money paid for use of cranes. 2. Outfit of cranes in a port.

Crance Iron. Iron rigging band at extremity of jib boom or bowsprit. Sometimes applied to any boom iron.

Crane. Machine for hoisting or lowering heavy weights. Name is also given to a projecting bracket, or pillar with curved arms, used for supporting booms or spars.

Crank. Said of a vessel with small stability, whether due to build or to stowage of cargo. 2.*Iron braces that supported lanterns at quarters of poop.

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