Nautical words

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Coup d' Assurance. Firing of a gun by a warship when she shows her national ensign to vessel she is chasing.

Coup de Semonce. Firing of a shot across the bows of a vessel chased by a warship.

Coupee. Flag having vertical stripes.

Couple. Two equal forces that are parallel to each other but working in opposite directions—so generating a turning move­ment.

Courge. Small wickerwork basket towed astern of a shrimper. Prawns and shrimps are kept alive in it.

Course. Direction steered by a vessel. Angle that ship's fore and aft line makes with a meridian, or with north-south line of a compass. May be true, Magnetic, Compass or Gyro course. 2. Sail bent to lower yard of a sailing ship.

Course Error. Error of indication, by a gyro compass, on any particular course.

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1   ...   257   258   259   260   261   262   263   264   ...   963

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