Nautical words

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Counter (Engine). Small mechanism attached to an engine to count and indicate number of revolutions made.

Counter 99 Covering Strap

Counter. Sloping and curved underside of after part of hull abaft sternpost and above waterline.

Counter Brace. To brace fore and main yards in opposite directions.

Counter Current. Ocean current that flows in the direction opposite, approximately, to that of main current. Equatorial counter currents are continuations of main currents after they have recurved.

Countermart. To resist attack of an enemy.

Counter Rails. Ornamental moulding across square sterns of olden ships.

Counter Sea. Sea running in direction opposite to prevailing wind.

Counter Stays. Projecting timbers that support an overhanging stern.

Counter Trades. Winds on polar side of trade wind, but blowing in an opposite direction.

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