Nautical words

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Air-Speed Indicator. Portable instrument, with pitot head, used for measuring wind velocities between 10 and 70 knots.

Airt. Scottish word for a direction by compass.

Air Thermometer. Thermometer filled with dry air. Expansion and contraction of enclosed air, due to heat content, are measured by pressure required to keep the volume at a constant value. Pressure thus indicates temperature. Range is exceed­ingly large, readings to - 300°F being obtainable.

Airy's Figure of Earth. Dimensions of Earth as computed by Sir George Airy (1801-1892), Astronomer Royal. Equatorial diameter 20,923,715 ft, polar diameter 20,853,810 ft., com­pression 1/2293 Used in British Ordnance Survey.

Airy's Method of Great Circle Sailing. Used for finding position of mid-point in a great circle course between two places when rhumb line is laid off on a Mercator chart. Rhumb line is bisected and a perpendicular to it is extended towards or through Equator. Tables then give latitude in which the great circle course cuts the perpendicular.

Aitken's Nucleus Counter 10 Algol

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