Nautical words

Corsair. Pirate. A pirate vessel. Cor Serpentis

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Corsair. Pirate. A pirate vessel.

Cor Serpentis. 'Heart of the Serpent.' Star  Serpentis. Mag. 2-8; S.H.A. 124°; Dec. 7°N.

Corvette. Formerly, flush-decked sailing vessel carrying one tier of 18 to 31 guns. Ranked next below a frigate. Latterly, name has been given to small vessels for escort, patrol and convoy duties in time of war.

Corvus. Small constellation S.E. of Spica. Four of its stars form 'Spica's Spanker'.

Cosmical. Said of a heavenly body that rises and sets with Sun.

Cost, Insurance and Freight. Merchant's quotation of a price that includes purchase of goods, cost of insurance and cost of freight to destination.

Cotidal. Said of places having tidal undulations at same time.

Cotidal Lines. Lines on a chart, connecting positions having the same lunitidal interval.

Cotton Rope. Often used in yachts on account of its clean appear­ance. Very flexible when dry but becomes hard when wet. Tensile strength is less than that of manilla.

Coulomb. Unit of electrical quantity. Amount carried by one amp. in one second.

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