Nautical words

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Corona Australis. Southern constellation near Centaurus. 'Southern Crown.'

Corona Borealis. Constellation between Bootes and Hercules. 'Northern Crown.'

Corporation Flag. One of the flags of Trinity House.

Corposant. Electric luminosity that sometimes appears at end of mast or yard, or on rigging, during an electrical storm.

Corrected Establishment. Mean value of time interval, at a given place, between transit of Moon and appearance of high water.

Correcting Magnets. 'Corrector Magnets.'

Correction of Chart. Incorporation, in a chart, of new information issued by a hydrographer, or other authority.

Corrector Magnets. Permanent magnets placed in binnacle of magnetic compass to compensate for deviation and heeling errors.

Corrosion. The breaking down of a metal when due to electro-chemical action.

Corrugated Furnace. Boiler furnace enclosed in a circular tube that is corrugated to increase heating surface.

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