Nautical words

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Corkscrew Rule. Variation of 'Ampere's Rule' proposed by Maxwell. Imagines a corkscrew point moving in direction of current. Then, direction of turning force—to left below, to right above—will indicate deflection of red end of magnetic needle by

current below or above it.

Cor Leonis. 'Lion's Heart.' Name given to star Regulus.

Cormorant. Sea bird found in both hemispheres. Nearly 2-|- ft. long. Common cormorant is greenish-black on head, rump and lower parts; whitish collar under throat, brownish back and wings. Used by Chinese for catching fish.

Corocore 98 Counter (Engine)

Corocore. Vessel of Eastern Archipelago. Formerly used by pirates. Had one mast, carried crew of up to 60, sometimes pulled two tiers of oars. Up to 60 ft. long.

Corona. Luminous appearance, millions of miles in width, observ­able around Sun when totally eclipsed. 2. Luminous circle sometimes observable around Sun or Moon. Has reddish band at outer edge. Due to diffraction of light by suspended water particles in air.

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