Nautical words

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Co-range Lines. Lines, on a chart, connecting positions having the same range of tide.

Cor Caroli. Star 12 Canuni Venaticorum. S.H.A. 166°; Dec. N39°; Mag. 2-9. Name means 'Heart of Charles', being given, by Halley, in memory of Charles I.

Cord. Unit of measurement for small pieces of wood. Contains 128cu. ft. (4'x4'x8').

Cordage. Collective name for all fibre ropes and lines.

Cordonazo. Violent cyclonic storm off Pacific coasts of Central America and Mexico.

Cord Wood. Small lengths of branches, about a foot long. 2, Wood piled up for measurement into cords.

Core. Central heart in a four-stranded rope.

Cor Hydræ;. 'Heart of the Hydra.' The star 'Alphard'.

Cork Fender. Canvas bag containing cork shreds and covered with

coir sennit or matting.

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