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Copper Bottomed. Said of a vessel whose bottom is sheathed with copper plates as protection against worm and fouling. First used 1761; retained fairly largely until about 1910. Still has limited use.

Copper Fastened. Applied to a vessel in which fastenings of timbers are made of copper, and not iron.

Copper Punt. Light raft on two hollow wooden floats. Used in R.N. when cleaning or painting boot top or lower area of ship's side. Was used, originally, for cleaning copper sheathing when vessel was careened.

Coral. Carbonate of lime that is formed by skeletons of polyps or zoophytes.

Coracle. Boat comprised of wickerwork base covered with skins or oiled fabric. Dates from very early times and still to be seen in Wales and Ireland.

Coral Reef. Reef that largely consists of coral. Most important runs parallel to N.E. Coast of Australia, being about 1000 miles long and having a 350-mile length with no gap. Also found in Solomon Islands, New Hebrides and other places.

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