Nautical words

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Copernican Hypothesis. The view held by Copernicus regarding the solar system. He called it an 'hypothesis' to avoid antagon­ising the Pope of Rome.

Copernican System. Placed Sun in centre and relegated Earth and planets to subordinate positions. Considered Earth and planets to be joined to Sun by bars. Until Kepler and Newton proved the falsity of this latter assumption the view of Copernicus was generally accepted.

Copernican Theory. Later name for 'Copernican hypothesis'.

Coping. Former name for the turning of ends of iron lodging knees so that they hooked into beams, thus easing strains on bolts when vessel rolled.

Copper 97 Cormorant

Copper. Soft and ductile metal that forms base for brass or bronze. Is good conductor of heat and electricity. As it slowly exfoliates in sea water, it prevents accumulation of fouling when used as sheathing on underwater body of a ship.

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