Nautical words

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Convectional Rain. Rain caused by surface layers of atmosphere expanding and rising, so giving place to cooler and denser air. When rising air is charged with moisture, precipitation occurs.

Conventional Signs and Abbreviations. The accepted and established symbols and abbreviations used in a chart.

Convergence. Term used in meteorology to define a condition when more air flows into an area than out of it. This causes air to rise and results in formation of clouds and, possibly, precipitation of rain.

Convergency. Tendency to meet at a point. Particularly applied to meridians and their inclination towards each other as they approach the pole.

Conversion. The changing of a vessel's class by alterations, reducĀ­tions or additions.

Convex Iron. Rolled steel or iron having one surface flat and the other a raised arc of a circle.

Convoy. Group of merchant vessels escorted by warship or warships.

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