Nautical words

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Conchoidal Fracture. Rupture of metal in which fractured surface has a shell-like appearance.

Concluding Line. Small line rove through small holes in treads of a wooden jumping ladder. Used for contracting treads into small space.

Condensation. Formation of liquid by cooling of a vapour.

Condenser. Chamber in which exhaust steam is led to outside surface of a number of pipes, through which sea water is cirĀ­culated, so causing steam to condense into water.

Condenser Tudes. Usually about Ā½ -in. diameter and made of brass or aluminium bronze. Due to expansion stresses, they are liable to leak at ends.

Conder. One who cons. More particularly, a masthead man who sights and gives notice of shoals of fish.

Conduction. Transference of heat through a stationary medium.

Conductivity. Capacity to transmit electricity or heat.

Conjunction. Position of heavenly bodies when they have same right ascension, or celestial longitude. Minor planets have two conjunctions with Sun in each revolution of orbit.

Conn. Position from which a ship is conned (U.S.A.).

Conning. Directing the course of a ship.

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