Nautical words

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Compass Needles. Magnetised steel needles, of high retentivity, that tend to keep North-South line of compass card in magnetic meridian.

Compass Pivot. Column, in centre of compass bowl, having a needle point - usually of iridium - on which a jewelled cap, in centre of compass card, rests and is free to move. Compass Rose. Graduated circles, on a chart, that indicate direction of true and magnetic North, and angular values from these points.

Compass Timber. Timber that is naturally bent, and is suitable for securing deck beams to frames, etc., in wooden vessels.

Compeared. Word used in Protests and other legal documents. Signifies that one person was in the presence of another.

Compensation. In ship construction, is a restoration of strength lost by a member or members being pierced or otherwise weak­ened. 2. Recompense for a loss sustained. 3. Magnetic adjust­ment of mariner's compass.

Complement. Quantity necessary to complete a given value. 2. Correct number of men required for manning a ship.

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1   ...   238   239   240   241   242   243   244   245   ...   963

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