Nautical words

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Companion Ladder. Steps going from one deck to another below or above; particularly from poop or raised quarter deck to main deck.

Companion Stairs. Companion ladder when consisting of stairs.

Companion Way. Stairs or ladder leading to cabin.

Company Flag. Flag bearing special device of a shipowning company.

Comparison of Chronometers. Comparing the time shown by chronometer with time indicated by time signal, or by another chronometer, and recording any difference observed.

Compartment. Any one of the spaces into which a ship is divided by watertight bulkheads and doors.

Compass. Instrument for ascertaining direction, relative to the meridian, by means of magnetic needles, directional gyroscope, or alignment on a known bearing; the last being known as a 'dumb' compass.

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1   ...   236   237   238   239   240   241   242   243   ...   963

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