Nautical words

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Agulhas Current. Warm current flowing southward and westward from Mozambique Channel and Indian Ocean to SE Coast of Africa. Width is up to 50 miles; rate is occasionally nearly 4 knots. A.H. Initials of 'Anno Hegirae' (the year of the Flight of Mahomet). Epoch of Mahommedan Calendar, A.D. 622.

Ahead. Direction in front of ship. Position in front of ship.

'Ahoy.' Seaman's call to attract attention. Said, on good authority, to be a Viking cry.

A-Hull. Said of a vessel riding out a gale broadside on, under bare poles and with helm lashed a-lee. Air. Gaseous mixture that forms the atmosphere. Composed of, by volume, 78% nitrogen, 21 % oxygen, and traces of neon, helium, krypton, hydrogen, zenon and ozone. Has low thermal con­ductivity.

Air Almanac. Ephemeris specially compiled for use in air navigation. Arranged in daily pages for ready reference and determination of Greenwich Hour Angles to nearest minute of arc.

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