Nautical words

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Collision Bulkhead. Unpierced bulkhead extending to upper deck. Placed about 0-05 of vessel's length from stem. Limits entry of sea in event of head-on collision.

Collision Clause. 'Running Down Clause.'

Collision Mat. Thrum mat, about 10-12-ft. square, which can be hauled under ship's bottom to cover collision damage resulting in a leak. Kept in place by lowering line, bottom line and two fore and aft ropes.

Collision Regulations. Name given by Merchant Shipping Act, 1894, to the articles of the 'Rule of the Road' at sea.

Colour Blindness. Inability to distinguish between different colours, through defective eyesight. Colours. Ship's national ensign.

Colt. Knotted rope's end used for minor punishment.

Columba (Noachi). (Noah's) Dove. Constellation SW of Canis Major. Has one navigational star, Phact. S.H.A. 275°; Dec. 34°S; Mag. 2-8.

Column. Line of two or more ships sailing in formation. 2. A derrick post.

Colure 91 Commodore's Burgee

Colure. Great circle passing through poles of Equinoctial. Gener­ally restricted to the great circles passing through Equinoctial and Solstitial points.

Comb. Small piece of timber for carrying fore tack block. Was usually under lower part of beak head.

Comb Cleat. Small fitting having holes through which ropes may be rove to prevent fouling of one rope by another.

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