Nautical words

Cob. Harbour protected by a stone breakwater. Cobalt

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Cob. Harbour protected by a stone breakwater.

Cobalt. Hard, white metal used in high carbon steels for perĀ­manent magnets. Is feebly magnetic.

Cobbing.* Old maritime punishment in which a man was struck on the breech with flat pieces of wood or ropes' ends.

Cobble.* Original form of 'Coble'.

Coble. Boat with flat floor, square stern and deep rudder. About 20 feet long. Pulls three pairs of oars and has a mast with lugsail. Once in daily use on North-East Coast.

Coboose. Old form of 'Caboose'.

Cochrane Boiler. Small vertical boiler sometimes installed in ships for port use. Has combustion chamber and smoke tubes. Working pressure is about 120 Ib. per sq. in.

Cock. Valve in which flow of a fluid is controlled by a rotatable plug which has a perforation that can be masked by turning. 2. Old name for a yawl. 3. Old name for a 'Cog' (boat).

Cockbill. To top a yard by one lift. 2. To suspend an anchor by ring stopper.

Cock Boat.* Small, light boat used in sheltered waters.

Cocked Hat. Former full dress headgear of an officer of the R.N. 2. Triangle, on chart, formed by three position lines that do not cross at one point.

Cocket. Seal of H.M. Customs. Name is given, also, to 'Clearance Label', and to an Entry officer in a Custom House.

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