Nautical words

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Clearing the Distance. Converting the observed angular distance of a star from Moon to its true angular distance.

Clear the Land. To attain such distance from the coast as to be out of danger from outlying obstructions and shoals, and from risk of being carried on to them by currents or wind.

Cleat. Metal or wood fitting having two projecting horns and fastĀ­ened securely at the middle. Used for securing or controlling ropes.

Clench Built. 'Clinker built.'

Clench Bolt. Bolt whose end is beaten out over a washer after passing through the items it clenches.

Clenched. Old form of 'Clinched'.

Clencher. 'clincher.'

Clencher Build. 'Clincher build.'

Clench Nail. Nail whose tapered end is beaten out, over a roove, after being passed through the items it fastens.

Clew. Lower corner of a square sail, lower after corner of fore and aft sail. Has thimble for taking sheet and other tackle.

Clew Garnet. Tackle attached to clew of a course for hauling clew to yard when furling.
Clewline 85 Closed Traverse

Clewline. Rope for hauling up clew of an upper square sail when furling.

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