Nautical words

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Clear for Action. To remove all obstacles and unnecessary fittings in way of a gun, or in path of its projectile, and all furnishing that may hinder the fighting of the ship, or are liable to cause fire.

Clear for Running. Said of ropes coiled down so that the end of rope is underneath, and rope can run freely and uninterruptedly.

Clear Hawse. Said of cables when each leads clear to its anchor, and there is no cross or turn in them.

Clear Hawse Slip. Special slip, on cable deck, for holding inboard end of foul cable while clearing it of turns.

Clearing Bearing. Clearing line that is projected through one particular bearing only.

Clearing Line. Straight line, on chart, that marks boundary between a safe and a dangerous area; or that passes clear of a naviga­tional danger. Sectors of lighthouse lights are usually bounded by them.

Clearing Mark. Conspicuous object which, with another object, gives a clearing line.

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1   ...   216   217   218   219   220   221   222   223   ...   963

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