Nautical words

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Age of Phase Inequality. 'Age of Tide.'

Age of Semidiurnal Tide. Interval between syzygy and occurrence of spring semidiurnal tide.

Age of Tide. Interval between syzygy and the occurrence of the spring tide due to it. Value may be from more than 7 days after syzygy to nearly a day before it. Average age of British tide is about 1 ½ days.

Ageton's Tables. H.O. 211 (U.S.A.) give, by inspection, azimuth and calculated altitude when latitude, hour angle, altitude and declination are known.

Agger. Name sometimes given to a 'double tide'.

Aggregate. Sand or other material mixed with cement when making concrete. For marine work sand is usual, and may be used in proportion of up to six times the amount of cement.

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