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Clarke's Figure of Earth. Measurement of Earth's polar and equatorial diameters and factors of compression made by Clarke in 1858-66-80. Equatorial diameter 20,926,348 ft., polar dia­meter 20,855,233 ft., compression 1/294-3. These values are still used in many modern charts.

Clark Russell's Log. Early type of towed log in which speed of ship was indicated by amount of compression in a spring.

Clasp Hook.* Former name for 'Clip hook'.

Classification of Stars. Astronomers group stars according to spectra and temperature. Seven principal groups are O, B, A, F, K, G, M. The temperature of O stars is about 50,000°C. M stars do not exceed 3000°C. This classification is not usually considered by seamen, but is to be found in the unabridged Nautical Almanac.

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