Nautical words

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Cirrus Nothus. 'False Cirrus.'

Cistern. The mercury container of a barometer. Pressure of atmosphere in cistern forces mercury up the glass tube that has been exhausted of air.

Civil Day. Period from midnight to midnight in the mean time standard at a given place.

Civil Twilight. Interval between Sun's upper limb being in horizon, and his centre being 6° below it.

Civil Year. The year in common use. Is the Tropical year adapted for civil purposes. Has 365 days for three years and 366 in fourth with slight adjustment at ends of centuries.

Clack Valve. Hinged valve that opens by suction and closes by gravity.

Clamp 83 Clearance

Clamp. Formerly, strong plank supporting deck beams at ship's side. 2. Cleat, on after end of a boom, to take reef pendants. 3. Half round, hinged fitting for securing heads of derrick booms, etc.

Clamp Nails. Strong nails with large, round head. Used for fastening clamps to sides of wooden vessels.

Clap On. To apply extra power, either by increasing purchases used, or by putting on additional men. 2. To set more sail.

Clapper. Tongue of a bell. 2. Chafing piece in jaws of a gaff.

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