Nautical words

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Circle of Position. Small circle on surface of Earth, and on the circumference of which an observation shows observer to be.

Circle of Right Ascension. Great circle of celestial sphere, passing through all points having the same right ascension.

Circle of Sphere. Formed by intersection of a sphere by a plane. May be 'great circles' or 'small circles', depending on whether the plane does, or does not, pass through centre of sphere.

Circle of Tangency. 'Tangent Circle'.

Circuit. Series of connected conductors that form a path for an electric current.

Circular Note. Letter of credit addressed to financial firms in other countries. Authorises them to make payment to person named.

Circular Parts. 'Napier's Circular Parts’

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1   ...   209   210   211   212   213   214   215   216   ...   963

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