Nautical words

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Against the Sun. Anti-clockwise circular motion. Left-handed ropes are coiled down in this way.

Agent. One who acts for another. In ship's business, is one who acts for one or more of the parties interested in the charter. The same agent may act on behalf of the shipowner and the charterer.

Age of Diurnal Inequality. Interval between instant of Moon's transit and the occurrence of maximum declinational effect in tide. By harmonic constants: Age of Diurnal Inequality= - 0 -91 (K°-O°).

Age of Diurnal Tide. Interval between time of Moon's maximum declination and time of the following diurnal spring tide.

Age of Moon. Internal, in days and fractions, since Moon was new. Maximum value if about 29 ½ days.

Age of Parallax Inequality. Interval between instant when Moon is in perigee and occurrence of maximum parallactic effect in tide. Usual value is between one and three days after.

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