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Chart Distortion. Differentiated into distortion in and distortion of charts. Distortion in a chart is an unavoidable extension of charted area due to impossibility of accurately reproducing a spherical surface on a plane surface. It is adjusted by extending the units of measurement, latitude or longitude, to correspond with the extension of the area. Distortion of a chart is a possible stretching or contraction that may occur after printing, and so cause a slight relative displacement of a charted positions. In modern charts this distortion is rarely enough to affect naviga­tion, but if the chart be large it may affect very precise surveying.

Charterer. One who enters into a contract with a shipowner for the hire of a vessel, or for the carriage of goods by sea.

Charter Party. Document by which a shipowner leases his ship to some person or persons, or by which he agrees to carry goods or perform other services. It states the conditions, terms and exceptions that are to prevail in the contract.

Chart Plate. Plate, usually of zinc or copper, on which a chart is engraved for printing. The exact size of this plate is given, in inches, in border of chart. This allows for checking the chart for distortion.

Charybdis 79 Chevils

Charybdis. Name of one of the whirlpools, or garofali, in Straits of Messina.

Chasse Marees. Bluff-bowed French luggers formerly used for fishing, and in short voyage trades. Had up to three masts and often carried topsails.

Chatham Chest. Fund for support of disabled and superannuated seamen of R.N. Founded in reign of Queen Elizabeth, on a voluntary basis which, later, became compulsory. Abolished during reign of William IV.

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