Nautical words

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Charles's Wain. 'Churl's wain,' or 'waggon'. Old name for 'Ursa Major'.

Charley Moore. The embodiment of fair dealing. (R.N.)

Charley Noble. R.N. nickname for a galley funnel.

Chart. Representation of part of ocean or sea for use in navigation. Gives depth of water, nature of bottom, configuration and characteristics of coast, with positions and brief particulars of navigational aids. 2. Diagram showing certain facts in graphical or tabular form. 3.* Old name for mariner's compass.

Chart Abbreviations. Standardised abbreviations used in charts. The more important are generally shown under chart title, but all those used in British Admiralty charts are given on a special chart.

Chart Border. Graduated lines, at border of chart, for determining latitude and longitude of a position, and for measuring distances.

Chart Compass. Compass rose engraved on chart, to determine courses and bearings. Usually has an outer graduation 0°-360°, and inner graduation in quadrantal form. Inner compass gives variation, for a given epoch, and the secular change.

Chart Datum. Sea level used in connection with soundings on a chart. In British charts, is a level below which the tide very rarely falls.

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