Nautical words

Affirmed. Ratified and confirmed. Affreight.*

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Affirmed. Ratified and confirmed.

Affreight.* To charter or hire a ship.

Affreightment. The chartering or hiring of a ship. Afloat. Completely waterborne. Afore.* Forward of; before.

Aft. Towards the stern; near the stern. Sometimes used as denoting officers' quarters. Applied to wind, means within four points from right aft.

After. Further aft; nearer the stern.

After date. In a financial document, means 'after date mentioned in document.'

Afterglow. Sunlight reflected from high clouds in west after Sun has set.

Afterguard. Originally, the hands who worked the after sails, and who were frequently berthed aft. Later, become synonymous with officers-for the same reason.

After Leech. Lee leech of a square sail when yard is braced round. Sometimes used, incorrectly, for leech of a trysail-to differen­tiate it from the luff (or 'fore leech').

After part. That part of a vessel, or of any space or fitting in a vessel, that is nearer the stern. 2. That part of a watch who work, or would have worked, the after sails.

After Peak. Enclosed space immediately forward of stern frame. Enclosed by a transverse bulkhead and side and bottom plating. , Used as a ballast tank or store.

After Sight. In a financial document, means 'After payer has endorsed it as an acknowledgement of sighting it.'

After Swim 8 Aground

After Swim. Submerged after part of hull that is shaped to give a lead in for water to propeller and rudder, and to give increased area of water plane with increased draught.

Aftmost. Furthest aft. Nearest the stern.

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