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Chain. Name often given to chain cable. Chafe

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Chain. Name often given to chain cable.

Chafe. To wear away through friction.

Chaffer. Said of a jib sail when it shivers in the wind.

Chafing Board. Piece of wood used to protect against chafing.

Chafing Cheeks. Wooden blocks without sheaves sometimes used in running rigging of lightly rigged, small sailing craft.

Chafing Gear. Paunch matting, sennit, strands, battens, etc., put on mast yard, standing rigging, etc., to protect against damage from chafe.

Chafing Mat. Any mat used as chafing gear, but particularly to paunch and thrum mats put on yards to protect them from chafe by backstays.

Chain Boat. Boat used, in harbour, for recovering chain cable and anchors when slipped or parted.

Chain Bolt. Iron bolt used when fastening chain plates and ends of deadeye chains to side of a wooden vessel.

Chain Cable. Anchor cable when made of wrought iron.

Chain Ferry. A ferry which proceeds by hauling itself along a chain laid across a river or channel.

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