Nautical words

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Centre of Flotation. Geometrical centre of immersed volume of a floating body.

Centre of Gravity. That point, in any body, at which the moments of gravitational force in any one direction are balanced by the moments of gravitational force in the opposite direction.

Centre of Gyration. That distance along a radius of a revolving body at which the mass may be considered to act. With disc of uniform density and thickness the centre of gyration is 0-707 of radius from centre of rotation.

Centre of Immersion. 'Centre of displacement'.

Centre of Lateral Resistance. Point, in lee side of underwater body of a vessel, at which the forces resisting leeway are equal in any two opposite directions in the fore and aft line.

Centre of Oscillation. That point, in a pendulum, at which total of moments of forces on upper side are equal to moments on lower side.

Centre of Percussion 75 Certificate of Seaworthiness

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