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Central Projection (of sphere)

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Central Projection (of sphere). Projection of surface of sphere to a tangent plane by lines from centre of sphere.

Central Sun. Point in the heavens about which the universe may be considered to turn. At one time was considered to be in constellation of Taurus.

Centre Board. Name often given to a 'drop keel'.

Centre-Castle. The raised part of a ship's hull amidships.

Centre of Buoyancy. That point in a floating body, at which the total moments of buoyancy in any one direction are balanced by equivalent moments of buoyancy in the opposite direction.

Centre of Cavity. 'Centre of displacement.'

Centre of Displacement That point, in a floating body, which is the geometrical centre of the immersed portion.

Centre of Effort. That point, in a sail, at which all wind force may be assumed to act. Theoretically, it would be the geometrical centre of sail area. In practice, it will be somewhat away from the theoretical point, due to sail not presenting a perfectly flat surface to wind, and not being at a uniform angle to wind in all parts.

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