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Advance Freight. Proportion of contracted freight that may be paid on completion of loading, if mutually agreed. As freight is not due until cargo is delivered, this advance is debited with insurance and interest charges.

Advance Note 7 After Sight

Advance Note. Issued, at Master's option, to a newly-engaged seaman. Authorises payment of a stated sum to the holder of the note after man has sailed in ship. Charged to a man's account. Rarely exceeds one month's wages.

Advection. In meteorology, denotes the horizontal transfer of heat by air currents.

Adventure. In insurance, is any undertaking that involves a risk or hazard.

Advertise. To announce or publish in such a manner that a matter should come to the notice of those concerned in normal circum­stances.

Advice. Formal notification of information concerning a trans­action.

Advice Boat.* Small vessel employed in distributing written or verbal orders and information to vessels of a fleet or squadron.

Aerial. Single wire, or system of wires, forming a radio antenna (U.S. 'antenna').

Aerolite. Meteorite that consists mainly of stone. Aerology. Study of the atmosphere, particularly the upper reaches of it.

Affidavit. Solemn declaration made before a person legally author­ised to administer an oath.

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