Nautical words

Catwalk. A narrow and unfenced gangway. Caulk

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Catwalk. A narrow and unfenced gangway.

Caulk. To make a joint watertight. 2. To press oakum, or other fibre, in a seam between planking preparatory to 'paying'. 3. To expand the overlapping edge of a riveted iron or steel plate so that it prevents water seeping through the joint.

Caulker 73 Cement Box

Caulker. One who caulks seams.

Caulking Iron. Tool used for pressing down caulking in a seam preparatory to paying.

Caulking Mallet. Wooden mallet used for applying force to caulkĀ­ing iron.

Causa Proxima. Latin for 'Proximate Cause'.

Ceiling. Wooden covering over tank tops in bottom of a hold. Formerly, was that portion of a ship's side inboard and between deck beams and limber strake. This meaning is still retained in 'spar ceiling'.

Celestial. Pertaining to the sky, or celestial concave.

Celestial Concave. The heavens. The celestial sphere.

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