Nautical words

Cat Rope. 'Cat Back.' Cat's Eye

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Cat Rope. 'Cat Back.'

Cat's Eye. 'Cat Hole.'

Catspaw. Manipulation of a bight of rope so that two small loops are made for taking hook of a tackle. 2. Ripple made on calm water by a passing light air.

Cat's Skin. Light, warm wind on surface of sea.

Cat Tackle. 'Cat Purchase.'

Catting. Lifting the flukes of a weighed anchor on to billboard or anchor bed. Hoisting the anchor from the water to the cathead.

Catting Link. Special link, with broad palm, used in catting anchor.

Catting Shackle, Special screw shackle used when catting anchor.

Cattle Door. Large door in vicinity of bridge or tween deck super­structure. Used when loading or discharging cattle on the hoof.

Cattlemen. Men carried to attend cattle when carried on the hoof.

Catug. A catamaran tug locked onto the stern of a barge, the centrebody of the tug riding on the stern of the barge.

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1   ...   182   183   184   185   186   187   188   189   ...   963

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