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Casing. Short form of 'Funnel casing'. Cask

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Casing. Short form of 'Funnel casing'.

Cask. Barrel for containing either solids or liquids.

Cassini's Projection. Used in British ordnance survey maps. Graticule is built in relation to a point in a central meridian.

Cassiopeia. Constellation on opposite side of North Pole to Ursa Major. In Greek mythology, was wife of Cepheus and mother of Andromeda.

Cast 71 Catch Ratline

Cast. To sheer a vessel in a desired direction. 2. To take a sounding with lead and line.

Cast a Traverse. To reduce, arithmetically, a number of courses steered to a resultant distance and direction made good.

Cast Away. Said of a vessel that has been deliberately wrecked. Said of a man who has been shipwrecked.

Casting. Turning a vessel's head in a desired direction, before weighing anchor or slipping a buoy, by action of propeller, sail, rudder, wind or tide.

Casting Off. Letting go the ropes and hawsers that attach a vessel to a wharf quay, etc. Castor. Star  Geminorum. S.H.A. 247°; Dec. N 32°; Mag. 1-6. When observed by a telescope is seen to consist of three pairs of twin stars.

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