Nautical words

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Admiralty Tide Tables. Volumes giving daily predictions of times of high and low waters at principal ports and positions in the world, together with data and instructions for obtaining times and height of high and low water at ports for which predictions are not given.

Admiralty Warrant. Official authority from Admiralty to wear a blue ensign, a red ensign defaced or a yacht club burgee on a British vessel. Warrants are issued for other purposes.

Adrift. Unattached to the shore or ground and at the mercy of wind and tide. Colloquially used to mean missing from its place; absent from place of duty; broken away from fastening.

Adult. Passage rates in emigrant and passenger ships consider any person of 12 years of age, or over, to be an adult. Two persons less than 12 years of age count as an adult.

Ad Valorem. According to value. Used when goods referred to are assessed by their value, and not by weight or quantity.

Advance. Distance between position at which a vessel commences to alter course and the position at which she is on her new course. It is measured along a line parallel to original course.

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