Nautical words

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Carpenter's Stopper. Portable fitting for holding a wire under stress. Consists of a clamp—secured to any fixture by chains - and a shaped wedge that fits rope. Any surging of rope causes wedge to move further into clamp, and so increase nip.

Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1924. Relates to carriage of goods from ports in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Applies only while goods are in carrying vessel. Deck cargoes are outside the Act.

Carrick Bend. Method of joining ends of two ropes by turning the end of one rope over its own part and then passing the end of the other rope through the bight thus formed, over the cross in the first rope and then back through the loop on that side that is opposite to the one on which the first end is lying.

Carrick Bitts. Strong timbers in which a windlass is mounted.

Carrier. Owner or charterer who enters into a contract of carriage with a shipper. 2. Ship carrying cargo. 3. An aircraft carrier.

Carronade. Gun throwing a medium weight shot 600 yards with fairly high velocity. First made at Carron in 1779. Compared with cannon, shorter range but heavier shot.

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1   ...   175   176   177   178   179   180   181   182   ...   963

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