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Cargazon.* Old name for 'Bill of Lading'. Cargo

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Cargazon.* Old name for 'Bill of Lading'.

Cargo. Goods or merchandise loaded into a ship for carriage.

Cargo Book. Book kept by master of a coasting vessel. Gives full particulars of all cargo carried, name of consignee and name of consignor—if known.

Cargo Battens. Wood battens, portable or fixed, in hold of a cargo vessel to keep cargo away from ship's side and to allow necessary through ventilation.

Cargo Net. Large square net, of wire or rope, used when making up a hoist of small packages for loading or discharging.

Cargo Plan. Diagrammatic outline of a vessel, either vertically or horizontally, in which holds and cargo spaces are exaggerated, and machinery and accommodation spaces are diminished. Used for readily indicating positions of different cargoes, parcels and consignments.

Cargo Port. Watertight door in ship's side. Used for passing cargo inboard and outboard in certain types of ship.

Caribbean Sea. Area between Central American continent and Yucatan Strait, the Greater Antilles and a line, on eastward of Lesser Antilles, that ends at Baja Point, Venezuela.

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