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Capstan Bar Pin. Strong pin passing through head of capstan and end of a shipped capstan bar. Prevents capstan bar becomĀ­ing unshipped.

Capstan Swifter. Rope having a cut splice in middle and a thimble in one end. Cut splice is passed over top of notch of capstan bar, swifter is back hitched over end of the other bars and swifter is then set up to its opposite part. This results in bars being firmly secured with an upward cant.

Captain. Rank in R.N. between Commander and Commodore. In Merchant Navy is a courtesy title for a master mariner in command of a ship. R.N. has a custom of calling certain petty officers, who are in charge of certain parts of the ship, 'captain' of that part of ship. There are 'captains of the hold', 'the forecastle', etc.

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