Nautical words

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Cant Timber Abaft. Projection of after cant timber, which formed a chock on which spanker boom rested when not in use.

Cant Timbers. Timbers, at extreme ends of a vessel, that are not perpendicular to keel; those forward leaning slightly aft, those aft leaning slightly forward.

Canvas. Material made from flax, jute, cotton or hemp. Supplied in bolts of approximately 40 yards. Usually 24 in. wide, but up to 72 in. in some materials. Graded in numbers from 0 to 7, 0 being the heaviest. Cap. Fitting over the head of a mast, and in which a mast above can be moved or confined.

Capabar (re).* Old name for misappropriation of Government stores.

Capacity Plan. Plan and/or sectional elevation of a vessel showing capacities of all holds, bunkers, tanks, and other relevant com­partments.

Cap a Rope. To cover the end with tarred canvas, or hessian, and then whip it.

Cape 68 Captain of Top

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1   ...   167   168   169   170   171   172   173   174   ...   963

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